Taxation Service

Tax consulting services

Our qualified consultants provide solutions on complex tax issues you face by proposing possible options that will effectively resolve the issues in accordance with the legislature whilst providing feedback in a theoretical and practical way.

Our tax consultancy services include but not limited to providing advice and finding solutions on the application of tax law and its implementation, as well as the resolution of tax disputes. Also, our specialized tax advisors and legal team will be consulted with you on issues related to the Mongolian tax package and double taxation agreements to guide you through the whole process of the application of the tax law and double taxation treaties. The consulting service can be either in writing or in the form of a meeting and the consulting fees will be determined based on the estimate of required hours to accomplish the service.


Tax preparation services

A Preparation of tax reports and disclosures service comprises preparing tax reports and disclosures in accordance with the Mongolian taxation laws, regulations and international agreements which shall be reported by our client and submitting the reports to the tax authority under the service contract. Based on the supporting documents provided, we perform all the activities to be carried out when preparing the tax reports and hand over the documents to the client ready for archiving attribute. the operation also applies. In addition to the above, we provide relevant additional information or explanation to the tax authorities when our prepared tax reports are subject to the tax inspection on behalf of our client. While engaging our services, we diligently ensure the integration between Financial statements and Tax reports to prevent our clients from various future risks arising from misstatements, non-compliance, and irrelevancy. 


Tax audit and risk assessment

We provide tax audit service to determine the misstatement and non-compliance risks associated with the clients’ tax reports and supporting documentation by assessing compliance with the taxation laws and regulations, legal acts and double taxation agreement. To conduct a tax audit, we employ professional skepticism throughout the whole procedure. Our tax audit team estimates the potential tax risks and reports to the management of the client on the implementation of the taxation law within the scope of the organization's activities and reports. A management letter concluding the result of the tax audit will be provided to the clients as well as professional assistance to guide the client through the implementation of our recommendations. The service fee will be determined based on the estimate of the required hours to perform the tax audit and the hourly rate of the tax audit team.


Tax Research and advisory

Tax research and advisory services help foreign and domestic investors to get a comprehensive understanding of Mongolia’s tax environment and drive them to make the most profitable investments. Also, independent expert issues an opinion on the specific situations of the client and possible circumstances.

Our specialized tax advisors and lawyers estimate the investment return and its associated risk by conducting relevant researches based on their expertise and theoretical, practical knowledge within the perspective of jurisdiction and taxation system in Mongolia. Also, we perform tax planning and assessment for start-up companies. The service fee will be determined based on the estimate of required hours and the hourly rate of the advisory team.


Representation service on tax inspection and disputes 

Our experts represent our clients in various inspections conducted by the Tax Authority or Social Insurance Authority to the highest degree, protecting their legitimate rights and interests. A lawyer-tax advisor shall personally represent the client in front of the Tax Dispute Resolution Committee and the court, providing legal and tax advisory services at the same time. By obtaining the services of a lawyer-tax advisor, our client benefits from not duplicating the services of a tax advisor and attorney. This service comprises of giving interviews and explanations, responses to disputes, interpretation of tax acts and decisions to clients, filing complaints and lawsuits with higher authorities, and representation in court on behalf of our client.  During our representation service, our client is provided with the factual information of the whole inspection process in a comprehensive manner which allows him or her to protect his or her rights and interests with us. Based on our professional capability and experience, we closely collaborate with inspecting authorities which enables us to provide proof of evidence minimizing potential risk and defining legal possibilities triggering positive decisions from the inspecting authority. In this way, we deliver true value to our clients.