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Tod Tax LLC is a professional firm which aims to provide comprehensive services of accounting and taxation. We deliver real value to our clients by supporting and developing their businesses and helping them to avoid significant risks associated with taxation and accounting. By collaborating with us, you will be able to fully concentrate on your primary business activities instead of worrying and wasting your precious time on compliance issues of accounting and taxation.

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Collaborating Firm
  • Name: Fidas Consulting M&A GmbH
  • Address: Gesäusestraße 21-23, 8940 Liezen, Austria
  • Tel: +43 3612 250 39
  • Fax: +43 3612 300 34
  • Email: verwaltung@fidas-liezen.at
  • Website: www.fidas.at
  • Contact person: Angelika Würfel

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