Privacy policy

We have developed this Privacy Policy for anyone concerned about the privacy and security of their Personal Information on the Internet. Please read the Privacy Policy carefully! This will help you gain a deeper understanding of how we collect, use and protect your Personal Information when you visit our website.

What kind of personal information do we collect when people visit our website?

We do not intentionally collect the Personal Information of people who visit our website.

When or under what circumstances do we collect Personal Information?

When you visit our website or submit your personal information.

How do we use personal information about you?

We have access to your personal information only to answer your requests or questions.

How do we protect the privacy of people who visit our website?

We use regular Malware antivirus software.

Do we use SSL certificates?

We provide some information and articles.

Do we use cookies?

Yes. However, it is not used for tracking purposes.

You can configure the cookie acceptance command in the settings section of your web browser to be turned on or off, or to remind you every time a cookie arrives. Every internet browser is a little different, so go to your browser's Help menu and learn how to handle cookies! If you do not accept cookies in your browser or choose cookies off, our website will be somewhat easier to use, but some parts of the page may not look like what we want you to see. 

We + You +?

You and I are the visitors to our Website. We do not advertise third party products and services on our website.

About Google

Our website is not affiliated with Google AdSense, but we will allow you to place your ads on our website in the future.

We plan to update our Privacy Policy Statement regularly, so this information is subject to change without notice. Updated Privacy Policy information will be posted on its website from time to time, including all changes. We encourage you to check our website frequently to see the latest version of our policy.


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